Neha Sharma Sehgal


Neha Sharma Sehgal, a dynamic force and Co-founder cum Director of Medini Care. Born in Delhi and raised in the vibrant city of Noida, Neha's early education took place at Cambridge School Noida. Her academic journey continued with a pursuit of knowledge and excellence, culminating in a Bachelor's degree from Delhi University. However, coming from a Service class family Neha's thirst for independence, especially financial independence, was evident even in her formative years.

Neha's educational pursuits reached new heights with an MBA in Human Resources from AIMA (All India Management Association) Delhi, setting the stage for a successful corporate career. She entered the professional arena, working with esteemed organizations such as Jubilant Food Works Pvt Ltd, where she dedicated over a decade of her life. Neha's journey in the corporate world equipped her with invaluable skills and insights. Her experience includes managing a diverse workforce, leadership development and organization effectiveness.

Driven by a strong work ethic, Neha was also engaged in educational sector as an administrative head and counselor. Being a dance enthusiast who loves every art form of the dance which is the real reason of her Happiness. She always believes that Dance is the Rhythm of her life.

However, life took a significant turn when Neha encountered little complications during her pregnancy. Advised complete bedrest and compelled to take early maternity leave, she faced the challenges head-on. Despite resuming her corporate journey after childbirth, the lingering thought of the inadequacies in pregnancy and pre-pregnancy care persisted in Neha's mind.

This realization became the genesis of Medini Care, a visionary initiative conceptualized by Neha Sehgal in collaboration with Vithika Jain and Swami Raj Vibhu Ji. Together, they envisioned a platform that would revolutionize the landscape of pregnancy care, providing a comprehensive solution to the unique needs and challenges faced by women.