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A holistic prenatal care program for a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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Medini Care is dedicated to helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood naturally and to helping pregnant women have a happy and healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. We use a unique diagnosis method called Pran Shakti Diagnosis to understand the individual needs of each client, and then we use Kumbhak therapy to address all aspects of fertility and pregnancy, including physical health, hormonal balance, and emotional and spiritual well-being.


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  • After struggling with PCOD and hormonal imbalances, our journey to conceive took a positive turn with Medini's GarbhaDhaan Program. Within two months of practicing Kumbhak, we experienced a natural conception. Now, continuing with Medini's Ashtanga-Garbhsamskara Program, our path to parenthood is filled with positivity and transformative practices. Grateful to Medini for being our guiding light on this incredible journey.
  • "Thanks to Medini's GarbhaDhaan Program, our journey to parenthood became a reality. Struggling with a low egg count, conceiving seemed like an impossible dream. However, within just 2 months of practicing Kumbhak, we experienced the joy of natural conception. Now, with immense gratitude, we continue our pregnancy journey through Medini's Ashtanga-Garbhsamskara Program, embracing each step with hope and happiness."
  • Medini's GarbhaDhaan Program worked wonders for us! Battling low AMH, Weight issues, Low sperm count, Motility Problems and Hormonal Imbalance, we tried various medical procedures and even faced a miscarriage. After a year of unsuccessful attempts and a recommendation for IVF, we found hope with Medini. Within 2 months of practicing Kumbhak, we conceived naturally. Now, continuing our pregnancy journey with Medini's Ashtanga-Garbhsamskara Program, we are filled with gratitude for this life-changing experience.
    Anjana Devi