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We are delighted to share a momentous achievement for Medini Care and our esteemed Swami Raj Vibhu Ji. Recently, Swami Raj Vibhu Ji was invited to present a ground-breaking TEDx talk on the transformative power of Kumbhak therapy. The event provided a platform to showcase the profound impact of this ancient therapeutic technique on promoting overall well-being and natural conception.

Swami Raj Vibhu Ji captivated the audience with his insightful discourse, delving into the principles and practices of Kumbhak therapy. The TEDx talk not only shed light on the spiritual and physiological dimensions of Kumbhak but also highlighted its potential as a holistic approach to enhancing fertility. The engaging session was marked by Swami Ji’s wisdom and a deep understanding of the intricate connection between breath, body, and fertility. Attendees left inspired, armed with newfound knowledge and hope for their journey towards overall well-being.

We are thrilled to have Swami Raj Vibhu Ji represent Medini Care on such a prestigious platform, reaffirming our commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions for couples striving to conceive naturally. Browse through the captivating moments captured during the TEDx event below, as we continue to champion the cause of holistic fertility solutions through Kumbhak therapy.


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