Swamy Raj Vibhu


In the vast ocean of spirituality, a single drop from the divine stambha of Shiva manifests in countless paths, yet its essence remains unchanged. The Padma Stambha lineage, of which Swami Raj Vibhu ji is a torchbearer, is one such subtle stream that nourishes diverse traditions, from the wisdom of Kashmir Shaivism, Pashupathy of Nepal, Vishvanath, Mahakal, to the revered shrines of Dhyanalinga.

Blessed by his Guru Shiva, Swamiji's mission is to reignite the Kumbhak aspect within us

The very breath of life that holds the key to both physical and spiritual well-being. Through his transformative programs, he sheds light on the profound potential of Kumbhak, pioneering not just disease reversal, but also unlocking the miracle of life for couples yearning to build a family, Swamiji's fertility programs offer a beacon of hope. Kumbhak, with its ability to balance hormones, regulate menstrual cycles, enhance sperm quality and optimize reproductive health, provides a natural and complementary approach to conception, not only that but enabling women to navigate the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy with greater ease and grace, contributing to a foundation of optimal health and well-being for mother and supporting the development of a genetically strong and resilient child in every aspect.